Dramatica For Screenwriters by (Armando Saldana Mora)

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Dramatica For Screenwriters by (Armando Saldana Mora)

Postby clintonlefort » Nov 19, 2012 2:51 pm


I've posted to this forum before, but it was regarding using Dramatica for Songwriting. I've used Dramatica now for several years as a musician, lyricist, understanding dramatic development, but recently I've been trying my hand at writing a screenplay. I purchased Dramatica for Screenwrtiers by Armando Saldana Mora and to be honest, I'M HAPPY I DID. I had referenced the Dramatica Book and dictionary for years and they were always helpful. I have even used storyweaver and Melanie Anne Philips tutorials. Mr. Mora's book is very helpful because it has shown me that Dramatica can be used as a creative tool in many different ways. For example, I would like to refer it to music composition. When I'm working on a song I may try lyrics first, but I've found myself also using melody or a temp track first to start the creative process. Also , I may have a feeling, them or title. All of these are routes to the creative process.

Several months ago I started writing a song I call SMALL SOUTHERN TOWN, [url] http://soundcloud.com/clefort/southern-town [url]

The more I worked with Southern Town the more I wanted to tell the story about the song, the characters, etc. That is when I took more time to use Dramatica as a storytelling tool. Dramatica helped me to trace out the different scenes of what I imagined this Southern Town to be like and what the Protagonist and Antagonist would sing about in their journey thru the conflicts they found themselves more and more involved in. So I was surprised when the feeling of Southern Town brought me into screenwriting. It is a beautiful art. I find myself in a privileged position having felt something of the emotion that drives the entire plot of a TV show, series or movie. I wanted to learn more and that is what led me to Mr. Mora's book ( Editor's Note by Chris Huntley). That is when I realized I was on the right track.
After purchasing the Kindle edition of Dramatica for Screenwriters I found myself having more power to express my ideas, come up with intelligent and workable scenes. Some of the approaches to using Dramatica in Screenwriting I had used hundreds of times, but there were finer points I had overlooked- how the pieces were used together. I feel a second wind in myself, but at the same time I see the road is long and hard ahead. So I believe books open doors and make the road ahead clear for travel.

As Mr. Mora mentions Dramatica does have a steep learning curve and though I struggle with some of the terms, I believe that I have made leaps and bounds my "riding on the shoulders of giants," if you will allow me that phrase, in advancing my knowledge and practical skills in using Dramatica.

Presently I'm working on two screenplays, the first is Southern Town and the second called A Woman With Child. I know this is not screenwriting by the numbers, but more like seeing the Big Dipper in the sky and imagining how it could be used to serve a delicious soup or meal to a hungry space traveler.

Thanks, happy Dramatica traveling,

Clinton R. LeFort

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Re: Dramatica For Screenwriters by (Armando Saldana Mora)

Postby Chris Huntley » Nov 19, 2012 9:00 pm

Thank you, Clinton.
Chris Huntley
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