"Thought on mental relativity"

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"Thought on mental relativity"

Postby Chris Huntley » May 30, 2008 9:17 am

shooster -- "Thought on mental relativity"

I've just been working on an interesting article by Melanie A. Phillips, the title of which is "Thought on mental relativity", and I'd like to know if the material presented in this article was still consistent with the evolution of mental relativity theory, because I just cannot make the link between this material and (1) the notion of problem solving process as it appears in the Dramatica theory, (2) the two male and female problem solving modes, etc. For instance, if the "existence" variable is considered the problem, where's the solution? And where's the justification? In the "emptiness" variable or in the multiplication of the "entropy" and "extropy" variables?

Thank you very much to enlighten me on this.

Chris Huntley Re: "Thought on mental relativity" #1

Would you please give the link to this article? It's been a long time since I've read some of this stuff and I'll have to refresh my memory of that particular article to answer your questions. Thanks.

Chris Huntley
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shooster Re: "Thought on mental relativity" #2

Here's the link:


Thank you very much for the short delay of your answer.

Chris Huntley Re: "Thought on mental relativity" #3

I've just read the article you reference and here are my thoughts...

Though Melanie's use of Entropy, Extropy, etc. is different than the expressions of the Mental Relativity (MR) equations using K, T, A, and D, the relationships between the items discussed is consistent. I think Melanie was generalizing the use of the equations into areas not explored by MR perviously.

In answer to your two specific concerns:

1. Her explanations in the article do not explore the relationships as a problem-solving process but as a way to express the differences between awareness and self-awareness.

2. Melanie doesn't address the specific variables of the equation other than as abstract items in relative positions within the equation. Therefore, one cannot assume she makes any commentary applicable to male and female mental sex problem-solving modes.

The K/T = A*D equation describes the underlying mechanisms of problem-solving and justification, but you won't find the "problem" or the "solution" as a variable within that equation. The equation describes the relationships between the items--presupposing their definitions--and is the basis for the structural matrix and dynamic algorithms that describe the problem-solving and justification processes. The equation does not describe either process specifically.

Chris Huntley
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shooster Re: "Thought on mental relativity" #4

Many thanks for your help. What you guys are doing for aspiring writers is immensely valuable.
Chris Huntley
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