A box "O" published hard copy scripts?


A box "O" published hard copy scripts?

Postby Nicolouse » Nov 11, 2011 8:31 am

Does anyone know where I can actually purchase "Hardcopy" scripts, Maybe a clearing house of sorts ? I am looking to study particular script writing styles
with an actual copy in my hand. Any run of the millers will do of the Hollywood variety, at least I would like a choice of course. I can easily get the On-Line stuff and free for that matter but i would be
willing to pay a little extra for someone to package me up produced scripts and actually have the paper in my hand. Nothing of any particular Genre comes to mind but I would actually like
a mixture 5-10 or so from Romantic comedy thru action thriller. This is strictly for a comparative of styles... Maybe someone out there has a better way to collect them off the net
and get them printed (legally) [Kinko's?] via flash drive/storage device without going through reams of paper and ink on your own... I know they are available somewhere,
where is the long winded question.

Anyone know of any good sources?


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