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Postby VTFischwire » Oct 14, 2010 11:01 pm

Does the OS Goal have to reflect how the problem is dealt with or just where the story's problem lies (what the character wish to achieve in the story). For instance, the OS goal is Changing One's Nature. In order to stop the nature of something from changing the protagonist decides to Play a Role. He and the other characters are wrapped up in playing a role and how it is being perceived. They feel that this is the best way to accomplish the goal of Not Changing One's Nature. They want to stop Changing One's Nature but attack the problem through Playing A Role.
The world is becoming vegetarians due to health risks and animal cruelty issues. It is natural for people to eat meat and thus they are changing their nature by swearing off meat. The meat industry decides that they need to stop this changing to a healthier lifestyle. In order to do this they hire a man to play the role of a doctor who promotes the benefits of eating meat or perhaps talks up the dangers of tofu. The story revolves around how convincingly he plays his role. If it is discovered that he isn't a real doctor things will fail but if he plays the role well enough he will convince enough people that eating meat is healthy and to stop changing their natures to being vegetarians.

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Postby Chris Huntley » Oct 15, 2010 2:04 pm

The Story Goal is that which is trying to be achieved by the PROTAGONIST. The ANTAGONIST is against the Story Goal.

Your question asks if the goal has to reflect how the problem is dealt with, or where the story's problem lies. The Story Goal indicates where the problem (and solution) in the Overall Story throughline exist. The other static plot points, such as Requirements, Prerequisites, Preconditions, OS Problem, Solution, Symptom, Response, Issue, Catalyst, Inhibitor, and the OS Signposts and Journeys, etc., are more tied to HOW the problem is dealt with.

In your example, you pull up Playing a Role in what sounds like a Requirement, not the Goal.
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