Why enter screenplay competitions?

So you thought filling the blank pages was tough? Now you're ready to make your first million! So how are you going to do it? Give advice on pitching, creating a log line, contacting agents and producers, and more.
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Why enter screenplay competitions?

Postby bluecat1 » Nov 13, 2014 11:49 am

BlueCat Screenplay Competition Founder, Gordy Hoffman, provides a candid look into the world of screenplay competitions -- "I want you to enter any contest. If you are an unknown, amateur writer, one who's had a taste of success, or even the millionaire living in the hills of Silver Lake, your entry to a screenplay competition stirs a monster."

Full article here: http://www.bluecatscreenplay.com/articles/the-rogue-knight-of-cinema-why-screenplay-contests-matter/

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