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My steps

Posted: Jun 09, 2016 4:57 pm
by Gerlinde
First, I have an idea. For example, that a Mormon is transsexual, and covered this up in front of his family. One day the truth will come to light, and all must handle with the changed situation.
First, I write an exposé, which include the logline, synopsis, a short description of the main characters, and a detailed description of all the action storylines of the later screenplay. Then I write the Treatment. So, scene by scene without dialogue. And only then I start with the script. Have I finished it, I will check with my screenplay program (DramaQueen, developed by German Writers from the Film school Babelsberg, Germany), if I have treated all aspects of screenplay structure (record of the script, or stages of the Hero's Journey). If necessary, I add a missing scenes. And only then I'll send the script and the other things to an editor who is revised for me (is very expensive, but worth it). Only then I send it all to a producer or a television station.