Screenplay writing - Check this Book!!

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Screenplay writing - Check this Book!!

Postby fastnas78 » Nov 16, 2013 1:16 am

Hello :D

I Just completed my Screenplay and what a Feeling it was!!!! After I completed it, I thought I was ready to go sell it and see it on the "Big Screen". I didn't know where to begin or how I even get it to someone in Hollywood. I have some friends who write screenplays professionally, so I sent it to them to see what they think of it. When I got it back, I was little "Shocked". Not in a bad way but I really didn't know what this business was about. They gave me some pointers and told me to pick up a Book. The Name of the book is, "Save the Cat!", by Blake Snyder.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to write screenplays. It's a great Resource. I touched up my screenplay and followed my friends advice and followed the instructions from the book. It looks better then ever and NOW I think I'm ready.

Now I'm going to head to "Hollywood" and see if I can get my script sold. Maybe I will see it on the "Big Screen"

Nas Erakat
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