Best Site For Horror Ideas?

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Best Site For Horror Ideas?

Postby Clive1124 » Mar 06, 2015 8:07 pm

Hello Everyone.

I am aspiring to be a screenwriter. they say write what you know and all I really know is horror. I do have ideas in my head but I seem to be looking for better ones. Any sites out there that might help with Ideas?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Best Site For Horror Ideas?

Postby movieschool » Aug 24, 2015 4:08 am

Hi, my only advise for you is to stop looking. Trust me, when you'll start writing, the ideas wil get better and you might come up with other ideas also.
I think the main thing for every writer is to write every day. Start with the iseas you already have and see wgere are they developing too.

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Re: Best Site For Horror Ideas?

Postby adambein » Feb 05, 2016 5:53 pm

I'm going to argue that that methodology is not employed with the manufacturing of vehicles, medicines, buildings, carburetors, perfumes, soaps, mp3 players, landscaping zoo layout, learning dancing and gymnastics, hang glider repair, applying paint, wallpaper, or stucco to homes, and making beer! No, one studies and learns!

If it were me, I'd research essential elements of the horror genre and horror's sub-genres. In Melanie Anne Phillip's "Write Your Novel Step-by-Step" she discusses genre and she also discusses the mixing of genres. That's pretty neat-from that you can combine horror into a...Western. Oooh, Cowboys -vs- Vampires! Etc. Listen to podcasts-Melanie and Chris have some great ones. You know who else's podcast helped me pitch a tv show that went into development (and then OUT of development)? 'Jeff Goldsmith'. He shows a film and the Writer discusses things related to it the film.

Read and listen to what Chris Huntley and Melanie Anne Phillips have created. Their books are terrific. 'Dramatica. Story Theory.' That one. Plus their podcasts and the monthly user group meetings.

I'd also look up/research what HASN'T worked so you don't re-invent the wheel-a crappy wheel. That would be a waste of time. So, research what's failed.

Honestly, if it were me, I'd also listen to old, old radio shows. They're quick a lot of the time and those ppl had plenty of practice-not just in writing those shows/genres but other shows & genres, plus they were old school lotsa times or trained by old school ppl lots of times-like ppl from Europe from back in the day. While they might not have fancy-schmancy stuff like newer material, that might show the fundamentals and the structure in a more clear manner. Hey, if they already invented, honed, and refined the wheel, go learn from their examples, right? "Old Time Radio Catalog' has go boatloads of old radio shows-inexpensive too!

Don't simply "write".

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