Overcoming Writer's Block

Where do ideas come from? How do you brainstorm or find new seeds to develop? Having trouble staying motivated or overcoming obstacles in your path? Share tricks and tips for finding new stories to tell and getting them on the page!

Overcoming Writer's Block

Postby thinkingcaps » Oct 13, 2013 9:06 pm

In everything we do, we cannot always expect linear progression. There will be times when everything seems to be flowing smoothly, and times when everything you do just doesn't work out. Plateaus or stagnation in the writing process is very common. Here are some tips to overcome writer's block :

1.) Engage in physical activity. Physical activity can improve cognitive functioning and elevate mood. The release of endorphin helps motivate writers to keep going!

2.) For many writers, the worst part is the beginning. Lack of planning is often the cause. Make sure to create an outline before beginning! ( or other invention strategies, ex. mind maps )

3.) Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Ideas tend to flow in when you are relaxed. The American Poet William Stafford once said that "There is no such thing as writer's block for writers whose standards are low enough." What he means is don't place too much expectations on yourself, rather be true to yourself and write without hesitation, then improvise.

4.) Be courageous. One of the causes of Writer's Block is that writers probably are apprehensive about what critics would think about his/her work. Don't worry too much about what people think and just let loose! After all, you want to have your own style, right?

5.) Lastly, if all above doesn't work, just write,write and write! Write down whatever pops up in your mind until you get an idea. The sound of the clock, your craving for food, the smell around you, write them down! Many writers seem to thrive when they are "in the zone". Don't dismiss thoughts that come into your mind, sometimes great writers take inspiration from the most trivial things.

Personally, I have used these tips to overcome Writer's Block and what works for me may not work for others. Please leave ideas below on how YOU personally overcome this dreaded and feared phenomenon. Hope this helps! :)

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Overcoming Writer's Block

Postby adambein » Oct 08, 2015 3:31 am

If it were me, I'd re-enter the essential structural elements of my story into the software. Then I'd start switching/rotating each element thru each receiving 'slot' and see what the yield downstream is. Examples:

Let's say 'Andre' is the MC/Protagonist in a zombie story, the teenage daughter of the President of the USA is a Supportive Sidekick, and Andre's brother is Guardian. Simply swap out the teen daughter for Andre, and with her as Protagonist make Andre's brother a Supportive Sidekick to her (cuz he would be at that point). This is what's going on in the world anyway, cuz everyone's the MC/Protagonist in their OWN story. Rationale: There's not ONE story, there's only one story ultimately that's being told. And believe me, if each of us were being chased by frickin' zombies and we all somehow managed to escape, we'd all have our own story, that we'd for sure tell, to ea. other, that'd overlap what each other was doing at specific times, right?

Then write the story thru which SHE goes (because it's for sure happening anyway, riiiight?).

Then do it AGAIN, but with Andre's bro as the Protagonist/MC, because he is going about HIS life that day too, right?. Yup.

Then see what pops up/is yielded from those new points of view. Compare the new data to the story YOU'RE telling and you outta see what's mossing and that'll clear up your block cuz you'll spot your escape hole. And it might be the only one.

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