VINYL (short screenplay) Looking for the writer!

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VINYL (short screenplay) Looking for the writer!

Postby geenmensiseeneiland » Apr 16, 2010 7:01 am


I'm Sido Lanters. I once found a screenplay for a short film titled "Vinyl"
on an internet site where (amateur) screenwriters had the opportunity
to upload their short film screenplays on (I think the site was called
Short Scripts Online or something). It was like over 5 years ago, so
I don't remember much of it. Also I lost the script and I can neither
remember nor find the (name of the) screenwriter. I was very interested
in the script at the time and negotiated about adapting it into a short
film for a while. We talked about it a lot and we really seemed to be
on the same level about it. Pretty soon he gave me the green light for
using his script and making the film, but I eventually backed out on
account of I regarded myself to young and unexperienced to make
such a film (I think I was somewhere between 15 and 17 back then;
I'm 23 now).
Since a few months I remembered reading and talking about the script.
I don't remember the whole thing in detail but I still love it and I'd
still love to adapt it one time if possible. I remember the mood very
well and I loved the characters and the dialogue. It was all very poetic
and dreamlike and just wonderfully original and authentic.
The story was about a few days in the life of a young man who suffers
from insomnia, and whose life (at least in the period of time that's being
portrayed in the screenplay) consists of walking about in his house,
flipping through vinyl, and walking about in the night drenched streets,
meeting strangers who talk to them in weird cryptic manners, who leave
as quickly as they came, desperately trying to find some kind of meaning
in what's happening to him...

If you are the one who wrote this, or if you know him, please contact me!
I've been thinking about this film for years and looking for it. I know that
chances are very slim, but I hope you read this!!

Thank you!


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