Single Interaction Between IC and MC

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Single Interaction Between IC and MC

Postby Chris Huntley » May 30, 2008 10:17 am

CAWilliams -- Single Interaction Between IC and MC


I am working on the first book of a fantasy trilogy and the MC and the IC have only one scene in which there is a direct interaction between them. The rest of the book they push at each other through actions that the other person may not be directly aware of (ala, IC is doing something but MC does not know the specifics of). In the next two books, there will be much more direct interaction between the two.

My question is this. Is my approach ok or do I have the wrong IC in this first book?


Graham Impact Character #1

(I preface my first post with the disclaimer that I humbly defer to Chris Huntley in all matters Dramatica. But I thought I would give it a try.)

Your approach may be okay if the relationship between MC and IC is strong enough to be the Subjective (Main vs. Impact) Story throughline. Are the IC's actions forcing the MC to consider changing his/her ways? Or is there another relationship in the story that lets the audience better experience the passionate argument of the story?

CAWilliams Re: MC/IC Relationship #2

Yes, I think there is enough in the actions of the IC to for the MC to at least consider what he is up to. There is also the idea of hope realized, something that your group has waited thousands of years to come to pass is about to happen, a kind of "you got what you want, to you want what you got" thing that the IC can twist on the MC with as well.

Chris Huntley Re: MC/IC Relationship #3

Dead on, Graham. I would further the questions by asking you (CAWilliams) to identify the four throughlines of your in a sentence each. Doing so should clarify how they are different. For example:


OS: The Empire and Rebellion are at war and the plans to the Empire's Death Star are the only hope for the Rebellion to stop the planet killer.

MC: Luke Skywalker is a whiney farm boy who dreams of becoming a somebody (e.g. Jedi Knight) but is limitedby his situation.

IC: Obi Wan is a former Jedi Knight who dropped out of circulation but still has what it takes.

MC/IC: Obi Wan takes on Luke as student and tries to teach him the ways of the Force in a teacher/student (and almost father/son) relationship.

Try identifying the four throughlines for your story. It is especially good if you INCLUDE your story's domains if you know them (e.g. OS Activity and MC Situation).

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