Main Character at odds with himself ?

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Main Character at odds with himself ?

Postby Chris Huntley » May 30, 2008 9:41 am

PoeticEros -- Main Character at odds with himself ?

Hello. Alfred here. There is soooo much to learn about Dramatica. Here's the FIRST of several posts.

My Protagonist is pursuing a destructive impulse - e.g. addiction. I see how a guardian could offer support but not condone the Protag's actions, but how would you write a healhy sidekick...does the skeptic (doubtful or scornful of the Protag's impulses) really become the sidekick?

Another question...what special steps must I take to fully flesh out a "theoretical" know, a nebulous entity or influence. Lacking a Snidely Whiplash, will the effects on and description of this nebulous influence be enough for the audience to hate?

Thanks for the help.

ReidWrite Re: Main Character at odds with himself ? #1

I am brand new at Dramatica but thought that I would chime in with my .02

I think a force like addiction is a great antagonist and really doesn't need to be personified. Because even if you have someone like a dealer, it's really the addiction that's dragging the person down. Other destructive behaviors would be gambling addiction etc..
I think to flesh it out you could show the depths that the person sinks to as a result of the behavior.
IE, using drug addiction. First they steal from family members, then they lose their job, and then they end up robbing a store and killing someone.
Hope my ramblings make sense....

engnorway1 Re: Main Character at odds with himself ? #2

I agree with RiedWrite: If you make your main character basically likeable, the addiction will easily be dispised because it is destroying a good person.

Some of this depends on what your main character's goal is too. If addiction is the antagonist to the MC reaching his goal the story will take on a different spin than if MC's goal to beat the addiction directly. For instance, if MC wants to be rich and famous, but addiction starts to take its toll thus risking fame, addiction is the antagonist, but fame is his goal. If on the other hand, MC is addicted and the story is about the character going into rehab to deal with the addiction, health is the goal. In this case when I use the word goal I am not speaking in Dramatica terms, bear in mind.

Also, the Sidekick character does NOT have to be healthy. In fact, why should it be? In addiction there is a term "enabler." This is the person who so baddly wants to help, protect, believe in the addicted person they actually facilitate the addiction. I think sidekick is perfect for that kind of character.

ReidWrite Re: Main Character at odds with himself ? #3

Good point about the enabler-type sidekick. And even within that model you have the whole spectrum. Your sidekick could manipulate the MC to not get clean because then the sidekick would have to realize their own addiction, which is common in addictive personalities. Or they could be so idealistic about the MC that they refuse to believe and acknowledge that there is a problem. Such as the sidekick is a long-term girlfriend who is planning their wedding, of course no one wants to marry an addict, so she just lives in denial and by so doing allows the character to go deeper into the addiction.
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