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WriteMovies Competitions Deadlines Today & Sunday

Posted: May 27, 2016 1:58 am
by JohnatWriteMovies
Hello everyone, this is just a quick reminder that today is the deadline for entering our Monthly contest and Sunday (the 29th) is the deadline for our grand international scriptwriting competition. Entry fees are $39 and $49, respectively.
These competitions are the way to get your name and script on the map with guaranteed representation for our grand international contest. So if you have a script gathering dust, brush it off and send it int before the deadline closes!
Not only the winners get rewarded, but the best scripts will also get promoted, too and the quarter and semi-finalists of our grand competition will also gain significant publicity. If your script is solid, this is a great chance for a publicity boost.
Here: is a link to the competitions:
Thank you and good luck!