How to write a screenplay script


How to write a screenplay script

Postby tobypotts » Jan 09, 2013 10:25 am

Have you ever been to the movies and said to yourself, “That was terrible, I
could write something better myself.”

Well, I ended up saying that to myself, more than once, and you can too, depending on how
hard you want to push yourself. All you really need to try
and write something better is a pencil, a pad of paper and imagination.

I know what a daunting process it is when you’re staring at a blank page
and you really want to write something but aren’t quite sure how to do it,
but we all have to start somewhere.

Anyone can write a movie script but there are a few rules to follow and
several formalities to adhere to if you really want to seriously write a
screenplay that a studio executive will actually spend a few hours of his or
her time reading.

The actual story telling is up to you, but with the correct knowledge of how
to execute your story, then just maybe you’ll be out rubbing shoulders with
Tom Cruise sooner than you expected.

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