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Next version: Add a list of locations. Make them assignable to scenes.

Posted: Feb 09, 2017 9:13 pm
by adambein
In the next version of Dramatica Pro (available NOW at the Writer's Store for the bargain price of $129.95!! :D ), please consider allowing the story assembler person to make a list of locations/settings and make that list able to be assigned/linked to scenes and characters.

I'm trying to assemble a story and scene locations/settings can be drivers (or at least catalysts). An unresolved issue between two characters can bubble to the surface super-quick if one of the characters is dangling above a lava pool :shock: -you'd be surprised how quickly feelings & thoughts can be blurted out at THAT moment. lol It'd be nice to tie them to a scene or a function.

From one direction: Maybe it's like making a sandwich-2 characters, a situation, an emotion, a Dramatica element-why NOT have assignable locations? (the colors are the colors of sandwich fixings).

From another direction: "Hey, since we're already ON the Queen Mary right this very moment recording these scenes today and we've just found this super-neat supply room area with an Army jeep in it, what scenes CAN we shoot in here that we've not shot, or have shot but this supply room is WAY better (it's got an Army jeep in it!) ? Then u just scoot thru your locations list and assign & reassign as needed.

Settings/locations CAN after all drive choices like other elements do.

Settings/locations list:
1. Supply closet. Description: On the Queen Mary. Has a cool Army jeep in it. Scene assignment: Jerry yells at Bob for being as reckless with the crescent wrench as he is in his relationship with Jessica the Insurance Adjuster. MC Symptom: ________. IC Response: Reconsider

2. Lava Pit Room: Description: A big open area in the cave system. Rope dangling from ceiling. Scene assignment: MC Growth: Start. IC Solution: Support