Video Game Creation Allows Story Assembly thru Experiencing?

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Video Game Creation Allows Story Assembly thru Experiencing?

Postby adambein » Feb 11, 2016 9:22 am

Why not immerse oneself inside a world and then simply report it? Report what you feel as you play, what you see, and hear? As you, armed only with a _________, crouch walk alongside the wall of a brick bldg, you hear the gooey squishy dribbling slobbering sounds a hungry, angry, creature nearby is making-and you, the Writer, are scared. out. of. your. pants. Document that experience-you ARE the Main Character after all! Who knows better than you?! You'll be surprised at what you miss without being in that spot at that time. Your attitude and disposition are different when the stakes are higher. "No more 'Miss Nice Jessica', that bastard deserves his fate! Uh oh, now I'M down! I can't get up! Crap, I needed that guy after all! Someone...anyone, help Jessica! Please? I'm by the bridge piling!". That guy-it is he who helps you up. O.O

Either play an existing game or make your own world using a free 'source engine'. Um, both. When one buys certain games a 'World Editor' and 'Source Engine' comes WITH the game. Assemble a house, put it there-no, there. Put bricks as the walls-no, not THOSE kinds of bricks, red bricks. Yeah-wait, that's not quite right, older looking bricks. With gunk on them. Yeah! Wait-this side needs windows... Hm...oooh, that light is harsh-is that...blood under it on that office chair? O.O !

If you spend 100 hrs learning to make maps, then hop in into YOUR world, you get to be your character. You get to be the OTHER characters. YOU trudge thru the creepy swamp. You get hurt, you trudge slower and slower towards the safe room, your selectively-Supportive Sidekick is down and can't get up. Do you go back and help him or do you say "Screw him." because he's the only reason you're hurt so badly? THAT issue didn't crop up before you started doing a video game run-thru! thru OF your story.

Here's some resources:
Map level design planning:

World of Level Design (pick your genre/game world environment): Great videos for beginners.

And on YouTube, search for 'video game design', 'video game engine', 'tutorial, game engine', etc.

I'm in Orange County, CA. If anyone wants to quickly learn the fundamentals of first person game making (not role playing games, not side scrolling games), we can meet down here, the South Bay/Redondo Beach, Torrance. Bring your laptop, meet at a Starbucks. Hit me up here or on FB, Twitter occasionally, Google +, etc.

Consider making maps.

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