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Question About Telepaths and PS Style

Posted: Aug 14, 2013 1:45 pm
by Geoff1975
Hi everyone,

I've been enjoying the Dramatica theory. One question just popped into mind. The theory has a Problem-Solving Style, saying some characters would think linearly and others would think in terms of space or relationships. What if you're writing a science fiction story where a telepath sends a message to somebody else? If the telepath is a problem solver who thinks in terms of relationships and spatial arrangement, would there be a barrier to a receiver who thinks linearly? Imagine the communication problems we have when men and women try to converse.


Re: Question About Telepaths and PS Style

Posted: Aug 19, 2013 10:01 am
by Chris Huntley
Barrier? No. Potential misinterpretation? Yes.

The Problem-solving style story point has more to do with your audience's reception of the story than thematic storytelling issues. The fact that we all have the capacity to solve problems linearly and holistically (to one degree or another) allows for communication. However, those that favor or are intrinsically hardwired to use one before the other can create areas of miscommunication. Imagine one group that measures everything by how long it takes (time), versus another group that measures thing by how much they weigh (mass). The frame of reference colors the interpretation of information and the type of response one might have to the information going forward.