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Research questionnaire - Robots, Dysotopia and Viruses.

Posted: Jun 04, 2013 11:00 am
by reganstar93
Questionnaire on research topics:
For my current assignment I have to create a research portfolio before I collate the research to inform me before I write my script, these are questions which I would really appreciate any comments on, all serious answers if possible, thanks.

1. What are bioweapons?

2. What is bioengineering?

3. Have you been involved in a clinical drug trial?

4. If you have been in a clinical drug trial what was the experience like?

5. How do viruses work on our body?

6. What is a mutagenic virus?

7. What is dystopia?

8. How do anthropomorphic robots work?

9. What are the dangers of robots in the future?

10. Can a drug be developed to cure all mental illnesses?

11. Could a virus be created to create a zombie race?

12. If yes then how could virus be created?