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New script templates?

Posted: Jul 17, 2014 12:15 pm
by Roci
I glance thru the template collection that comes with MMS, and I really do enjoy the walk down memory lane. But I don't think there's much demand anymore for
"Walker Texas Ranger" or any "Star Trek" related show (Yet).
If you don't wanna do a major software overhaul until the next version, I can struggle along. But one of the ways you might "freshen up" the software package is to get some newer templates in there.
Some are still useful and instructive. But I kinda think that "Days of our Lives" has run its course.
I also tried to install the Hague template the other nite, (which is what started all this) and nothing... nothing at all.. like it just vanished after I unzipped it.
It's set to unzip into the instructional folder, but it doesn't show up there, even when I look at the files in Explorer.
Win 7 Ultimate and 5.89..
On the upside,Downloading the two files seems to have restored character voices and script read, but Oy Vey, what I wouldn't give for a larger selection of voices!