Do you have suggestions for Movie Magic Screenwriter? What features would you like to see added or changed?
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Postby Rumourd » Sep 26, 2012 9:35 am

Depending on the screenwriter's style of writing when using ellipses...

It would be nice if the program could deal with spacing after ellipses more intelligently. Some of us don't like using a space after the "..." -- I personally like words to be butted up before and after the ellipses, i.e. "He stops short of her...amazed...afraid of what she's thinking." -- instead of "He stops short of her... amazed... afraid of what she's thinking."

In the former, if the line wordwraps, the WHOLE back half of the sentence will wrap instead of breaking across the ellipses, as it would do in the latter example.

I'd like Screenwriter to be more ellipses-aware when it come to breaking lines across wordwrap.

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