Autocorrect issues/ideas

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Autocorrect issues/ideas

Postby BrianReynolds » Jun 30, 2010 8:13 am

When I ask something to auto-correct, it doesn't maintain the capitalization that the misspelled word has. For instance:

Humilaty is wasted on you.

Choose the correct word from the right-click menu and it becomes:

humility is wasted on you.

Which means I have to go back and correct the capitalization.

Second issue is with speciality words or proper pronouns. It doesn't seem that screenwriter actually "learns" a word when you select that option from the pop-up window. I'd like to be able to define both character names (it particularly hates surnames) and specialty words so that screenwriter will have them as part of its dictionary.

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Re: Autocorrect issues/ideas

Postby Chris Huntley » Jul 08, 2010 2:02 pm

I'll double-check to see if those will be corrected in the next update. I should have that information here next week. (NOTE: Our primary Knowledgebase support guy just went out on maternity leave, so it will take longer than normal to get a "quick" answer about those issues.)

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