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Story Engine Question

Posted: Oct 30, 2009 10:19 am
by BobHopeFan
Hey there!

I'm having a blast fiddling with the "story engine" but have hit a small obstacle. I read the Dramatica book on Storyforming and have just enough information to make me confused. :P So here's the query:

When filling out the MC problem/solution/direction/focus area in the story engine, do I fill it out the same way for a Steadfast as I would for a Change character (allowing the software to work it's magic and come up with a different Crucial Element for each?)? I realize the crucial element changes, and the meaning of "problem" and "solution" are different for each but my question is, do I have to take that into account when selecting the MC problem. When writing for a Steadfast character, do I put the element that I want to show as good in the problem or solution box? Since it can be defined as his "drive" should I put the element that I want to win as his problem? Or should I work from the direction/focus area since that is where the crucial element will show up on a Steadfast character?

Just want to say how much I love the software! It's changed my life!

Re: Story Engine Question

Posted: Nov 02, 2009 2:32 pm
by Chris Huntley
Based on your question and understanding of the problem quad, I suggest you look to the symptom and response for Steadfast characters. That is the area the MC will be focused on and eventually follow through on, rather than applying his final efforts to alleviate his "problem" with the "solution."

I put problem and solution in quotes because they don't appear to BE the problem and solution from a Steadfast character's perspective.