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Writer'sDreamKit4.0/ReverseEngineering/w'Story Engine' tool.

Posted: Nov 28, 2015 9:46 pm
by adambein
I have found that I was stuck-stuck I say! Sooo I opened up the "Story Engine" (in 'Writer's Dream Kit'). There I found "Main Character" and all the options below it, "Overall Story" and the 5 options below THAT, 'Main vs. Impact Story' and the 3 options under THERE, and 'Impact Character' and the two, TWO options under there.

I knew under 'Overall Story' the outcome was going to be 'success'. I selected that. That limited other options.
I knew the Main Character 'Judgment' was 'Good'. So I chose that. In doing so, other options were automatically eliminated by the handy-dandy software and the 'Storyforms Remaining' dropped significantly.
'Growth' was 'Stop'. I knew that about my Main Character.

Next thing ya' know, I'm down to not only 'Storyforms Remaining: 16" but many of the choices from 'Main Character', 'Overall Story', 'Main vs. Impact Story', and 'Impact Character' had been taken care of automatically! Hooray!

If YOU find yourself stuck when assembling the framework for your story, scoot on over to that nifty 'Story Engine' option and start with what it is you know. Reverse engineer YOUR story from there! It sure helped me-which is more than I can say for my dastardly thief! Caught ya' red-handed you little snake-in the middle of your activity/doing/situation-out of options, and MY outcome is success!

Spiffy little software program. Probably underestimated I bet.

Thanks Write Brothers, Chris, & Melanie.

Check out the 'before' and 'after' screenshots here. Oops-check out the 'after' and 'before' screenshots here. Just look at the bottom screenshot first, cuz it's the 'before'. Something happened with the upload. Whatever.