MC Approach and satisfying the requirements of a Situation

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MC Approach and satisfying the requirements of a Situation

Postby ezeacross » Jan 29, 2014 10:51 am

I would like some feedback regarding a MC I am developing. This girl is a Do-er and in a Situation. She is also intuitive. Now, the way I am developing her personal problem (she's also steadfast, by the way) exists along the lines of her being a perpetual outsider. She doesn't belong to the world she is in. She also doesn't relate well with most people (in this world). I think of Mr. Anderson (in The Matrix) and consider his problem related to being caught between two worlds and the skepticism that draws from being in this Situation. Mr. Anderson is a Do-er as well but his Resolve leads him into Be-er. Not the case for my character. I am curious about the sense of my character belonging. Belonging feels to me like an inner issue (leading, like Mr. Anderson, into a Be-er). And that would be fine if she was, like Mr. Anderson, flipping resolve. Now, given that she is remaining in the world of "the problem is outside" and she is waiting for it to STOP (Growth) how could I conceptualize the Situation shifting and thus no long existing for her? She is placed in an institution but the institution isn't actually the situation she is in - it's not the "world" that she doesn't feel she belongs in. It is a consequence of being in the situation she is in. She does come to understand (OS Concern/Goal) about her grandmother/mother/self. Her steadfastness does inspire the Protagonist (not her) and, by the way, the IC. This understanding does provide her with a better sense of this world she is in. Would this "better sense of the world" fulfill on her personal problem and take her into a different Situation? This, ideally, is what I want... Or would she require something more tangible to alter - External/State change? Neo becomes the One. He then is no longer skeptical about the divided world he's in. He's chosen. His resolve is Change. Seeing "inside" is what was necessary for him. Again, this isn't the case for my MC.

Ok. That's all I have. Any thoughts or can anyone pick out my blind-spot and give back to me what is right (freakin') there :).

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