Two SS Throughlines in "The Karate Kid"

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Two SS Throughlines in "The Karate Kid"

Postby Geoff1975 » Jan 11, 2014 1:40 pm

Enjoying my new blu-ray copy of "The Karate Kid", the classic 1984 version.

Having long recognized the relationship between Mr. Miyagi and Daniel, I was actually biased when seeing "Rocky" for the first time last year. It seemed Rocky's coach was another IC.

Anyway, I noticed Daniel's potential girlfriend was demonstrably a Doer, so Daniel's "Be-er"-ness came through. For example, he made a joke about debating with himself about dating her. She pushed him to confront the bully, but he'd run away. So you have Daniel as the Be-er in this relationship through line. When Daniel asks Mr. Miyagi to help teach him karate, Mr. Miyagi seems to become the Be-er. He refuses at first: "no get involved". His entire method of teaching Daniel is markedly holistic. Now, perhaps I catch myself calling him a Be-er because he represents an holistic approach.

Still, this movie definitely presents to SS through lines. There is enough personal heart shown in terms of Mr. Miyagi's friendship with Daniel, that I can't say it's purely OS. Mr. Miyagi gains a son-figure; likewise Daniel gets a father. Daniel is the change character in both through lines. He learns from his karate teacher to understand karate from a whole different perspective. He's also pushed by his girlfriend to become more of a Doer when it comes to confronting adversity.

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