Story Driver For Subjective Story?

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Story Driver For Subjective Story?

Postby Geoff1975 » Oct 31, 2012 5:42 am

I'm getting a sense of how the objective, subjective, MC and IC throughlines come together. Often, the objective throughline would be predicated on the subjective. In other words, to accomplish the objective, the subjective needs to be endured. The MC has (perhaps eventually) what's needed to solve the objective story.

The OS has the story driver. What about the SS (aka RS)? I ran through my mind some movies with more blatant SS lines, seeing if they had the opposite driver than the OS. There'd be journeys, of course.

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Re: Story Driver For Subjective Story?

Postby Chris Huntley » Nov 08, 2012 12:17 pm

I have a couple of undeveloped thoughts about this, some in conflict with others.

1. I think the nature of the driver drives the entire story, not just a particular throughline.

2. IF there is a subjective (relationship) story driver, it would be of a different nature, though I couldn't say how at this point.

This is an area the Dramatica theory might be able to be expanded.
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