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Understanding the Holographic View of the Quad

Posted: Sep 13, 2012 10:22 am
by Geoff1975
After wrestling with how Melanie's description of the quad's dynamics and the mystery of merging the PSR with the thematic issue can be reconciled, I've come up with this idea. Can anyone help me to a better understanding?

The quad has a pair of opposing diagonal 2-squares. One of these pairs merges into a unity to be used as a benchmark/measuring stick to assess/contrast the value of the other two squares. Someone "stands" on, say, the upper right square to assess, but they're assessing in terms of the square they stand on. This way of dealing with the quad holds true for each level: Element, Variation, Type, and Class. That's why the Class for the Thematic Issue and the Class where the PSR Variations are often in opposing positions on the Class quad level. You'd use the PSR Variations (two in the quad but unified in each use) as a benchmark to measure the value of a point in your Thematic Issue. That lets you go back and forth in each sequence between the two points of your Thematic Issue.