Complex Characters

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Complex Characters

Postby luissantana » Mar 18, 2011 8:19 am

Say, you have 8 ideas for 8 books—or other medium—ok, let´s say, novels. A novel, say, takes one year to write. Eight novels, eight years. Instead, say, each novel is one Complex Character. Eight novels, eight Complex Characters. With Dramatica eight books are Playing A Role [Being] of one book. Also the eight books are [Changing One´s Nature] Becoming Complex Characters. Furthermore you may even [Being] Playing A Role of one Complex Character with the Story Engine Settings. And, that´s not all, Classes may as well be the four Plot Layers* of one Complex Character. When you have more ideas than, say, 8, you may use The Dramatica Structural Model for subdividing the ideas into more Complex Characters. All said and done Dramatica saves you (7) years of writing books.

* “Layers are plot lines given to the same character.” Maass, Donald (2004) Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook, p. 93. Cincinnati, Ohio: Writer´s Digest Books.

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