Short Story Template

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Short Story Template

Postby zarathustra77 » Feb 25, 2011 4:40 pm


I was hoping someone could help me with some confusion that has arisen while using the short story template.

I have completed one complete story form.
I understand that in a short story you have to limit the scope of the argument (depth or breadth or combination)
My question is which technique is the Short Story Template using.
For example my M v IC Issue is hope. In the scene creation section there are references to illustrating hope but not its counterpoint dream.

So I guess my question boils down to whether I should only illustrate the areas shown in the scene creation section (This scene represents...)?

Grateful for any ideas.



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Re: Short Story Template

Postby Chris Huntley » Feb 26, 2011 10:08 am

The template is a guideline geared toward brevity. That said, use whatever seems appropriate for your story.

You may certainly introduce Dream into your story, especially as a counterpoint to Hope. It can be done as simply as saying, "David's dreams came crashing down and all he was left with was a little hope that things still might work out for him."
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