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Has Anyone Here Tried this "Free Script Coverage" ?

Posted: Dec 22, 2010 7:44 am
by singlemomsince95
I have written 4 screenplays and have another 6 or so in the works.

One of my challenges is that when I get script coverage and they
tell me what to fix - I go back and pay again at the same sites
( $75 - $150 )( I have used 6 different providers ) and I don't
get the same person evaluating the script the second time, so
the suggestions from the NEW reviewers indicate it was better
the first time around! FRUSTRATING!

And yes - none of them seem to be able to say what will SELL the script,
so I am wondering if this product is any good?

Has anyone here tried it?

I saw the review in Movie Maker magazine for this site
a few years ago - which was AWESOME, but now it is closed
but advertises the site above.

Re: Has Anyone Here Tried this "Free Script Coverage" ?

Posted: Jan 31, 2011 12:19 pm
by Leonides02
Well -- having worked in Hollywood -- he's absolutely right that people doing script coverage have never sold a script. If they had, they wouldn't be writing coverage! Personally, I've always thought that paying for coverage is basically a scam. You're much better off just hammering out the most solid script you can using the basics of Story or Dramatica, or some other "system" so that it is a cohesive whole. Then, just try to sell the hell out of it.

Unfortunately, even if it's the most solid script in town there is still a 99% chance it won't get sold. People say "pass" on great scripts all the time. It's practically a Hollywood past time. This is either because it's not right for the studio, for the climate, or because they don't "see" it. That's why you have to write and write and write to increase your odds.

That said, if this booklet is only $27 it couldn't hurt. :)