Characters in Scene Creation

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Re: Characters in Scene Creation

Postby Graham » Mar 27, 2010 9:48 am

vwnyc wrote:I've put in some scenes etc., and I'm looking in 'referenced story points' for my characters to 'pop up'

Sounds like you're in the Query System, Scene Creation window. By 'referenced story points' I assume you mean the "This Scene Represents" button where you can select story points and assign them to the current scene.
vwnyc wrote:- I'm only seeing MC, IC, Antagonist and Contagonist; what happened to my sceptic, my emotion character, my sidekick, and the rest of them (and their methodologies, purposes, motivations, etc.)???

All your characters should appear in "This Scene Represents -> Character Information". If you created them [Dramatica Pro menu "Character -> Create (ctrl-K) ] then they should appear there, as well as in the Build Characters window. But each character's elements (the ones you assigned to them in Build Characters) will NOT appear in "This Scene Represents". I also was hoping to use this feature to keep track of which character elements I had used, but instead I used it mostly to track character introductions, relationships, and dismissals.
vwnyc I just insert this material wherever I feel it is appropriate, or is there some rhyme or reason as to where in the story they appear?

It's up to you to choose which characters (and which aspects of each character) are in each scene.
vwnyc wrote:Does the software recognize a relationship between the Plot Sequence Report, the Build Characters Panels, and the Signpost and Journeys Report ??

No, I don't think it does.

Sorry I didn't answer every question. I hope this helps you.


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