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Illustrating One's Story In Dramatica

Posted: May 03, 2008 2:55 pm
by dhanoka
I'm working my way through Dramatica Pro. I'm down to a single storyform and am currently working on the illustrations.

But I have a question about the illustrations. Is there any set rule for how much detail I should go into when I'm illustrating my story? I'm concerned that if I go into too much detail illustrating, I'll just get bored with my story and abandon it. :|

Debby Hanoka

Re: Illustrating One's Story In Dramatica

Posted: May 05, 2008 2:31 pm
by Chris Huntley
I recommend sketching in your ideas but do not get bogged down illustrating them. Dramatica is good for collecting your thoughts, but many word processors are superior at weaving them together into a finished work.

Besides, you may determine that you need to 'tweak' your storyform at a later point, which entails tweaking your illustrations to be consistent. The less you input, the less you may have to modify.