Help Please.

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Help Please.

Postby Denadii » May 14, 2009 6:25 pm

I'm new to the Dramatic program and I'm still lost. I have a story started that I want to work in Dramatica. How do I import it. Its in a doc file now. Dramatica doesn't seem to appreciate that.

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Re: Help Please.

Postby Graham » Jun 15, 2009 6:00 pm

As you noted, there isn't a way to import a document into Dramatica. But you can copy and paste the text of your story into the Story Comments window in Dramatica (I don't know if there's any limit on the amount of text it can hold). Then you could open the Story Points window and have the two windows on screen side by side.

In the Story Points window you could read the definiton of a particular story point, and then look for an example in your story. As you find the parts of your story that represent particular Dramatica story points, you could cut text from the Story Comments window, open the appropriate story point in the Story Points window, and then paste it in.

You wouldn't have to have chosen a storyform before doing this (but you can). But you would have to understand what Dramatica means by Resolve, Growth, Approach, etc. (you can use the included Dictionary).

When you use the Query System to choose your storyform (which you can do at any time), click the Illustrations button to see any relevant text from your story that you pasted in.

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