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Crucial Element and MC / IC Problem

Posted: Apr 01, 2008 2:31 pm
by yellowsub
I'd like to know more about the parameters I need to consider in assigning the Crucial Elements in the Build Characters window.

It took me a while to arrive at my story form (lots of discards even after I was sure and I'd extensively illustrated). (BTW-- where in Dramatica does one find the number of the storyform... I notice that various posts on the old site quoted this).

In my storyform, the MC has a problem with Conscience, solution of Temptation and a Response of Logic (If you could comment on how I could use an MC with a lack of Conscience whose solution is temptation... it is twisting my mind... I started off with an MC with too much Conscience and I couldn't bear to go the entire novel with such a defect!)

Okay, Crucial Element: Does that mean that I'd better assign the Crucial Element of Conscience to the MC in the Build Characters window? Then the IC Crucial becomes Temptation... how does this figure... as the element that ties into the OS story and is also the solution for the MC? I think it must be obvious and the answer is glimmering at me from just outside my brain's reach so I figure if you made a suggestion... the old brain would get a kick start.

Also, I'd given the Logic element in the Motivation quad to the Contagonist (a complex character derived from the original) and it turns out to be the IC Problem as well (solution of Feeling). But Feeling in the Motivation Quad has been assigned to the guardian. Could you comment on the element in the Motivation quat and the IC problem being similar? And on the assignation of Character elements and the relationshiop to problems/solutions/resolves?

I hope I've given enough information to illustrate where I'm having problems and that I've been clear enough...

Re: Crucial Element and MC / IC Problem

Posted: Apr 02, 2008 1:05 pm
by Chris Huntley
Here are a couple Dramatica tips on using the Crucial elements:

-- ... p0602.html

-- ... p1201.html

The long and short of it is don't sweat them. Despite the name, they are not essential to a successful story.

As far as a Main Character with a problem of Conscience and a solution of Temptation, I'll go with something simple. Let's say the MC has a weight problem and is trying to lose a few pounds. He gets iritible every time he passes over a piece of cake for a piece of fruit or chooses tofu over bacon. Things get so bad that he's unhappy all the time. The solution to his problem is to give-in to the urges (temptation) with moderation.

As far as your Logic characteristic is concerned, the distribution of the character elements in the Overall Story is separate from the other throughlines. Both the MC and IC have complete sets of 64 elements, so you are free to distribute the elements to your objective characters in any way you want. The caveat to that is that the player that is the Main Character should be assigned the MC Crucial element (in a perfect world), and the player that is the Impact Character should be assigned the IC Crucial element.

The number of storyforms remaining can be seen in the Story Engine, the Query System, and the StoryGuide (which is part of the Query System).

Chris Huntley
Write Brothers

Re: Crucial Element and MC / IC Problem

Posted: Apr 03, 2008 6:37 pm
by yellowsub
All that was useful... especially the links -- which then gave me ideas about what to search in the Help section.

I know I'm a details person, and in the past, I have built the big picture last. Using Dramatic is my experiment in going the other way but I still tend to work up from the details.

I noticed the Novel Writer's section and I'll post in there soon.