Working with the Plot Sequence Report

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Working with the Plot Sequence Report

Postby coolsurf » Apr 30, 2009 4:50 am

Hi everybody

I work with the "Dramatica for Screenwriters"-Theory and have some basic questions about it:

-I defined the 4 Throughlines of my story: OS of "Activity", MC of "Situation", IC of "Fixed Attitude" and MC/IC of "Manipulation".

-(To make things simpler, I just use Act 1 in this example.) So in Act 1 I have an OS Signpost 1 of "Doing", an MC Signpost 1 of "The Past", an IC Signpost 1 of "Memories" and an MC/IC Signpost 1 of "Developing a Plan".

-Now I take the Plot Sequence Report and split up the Signposts 1 into the Plot Progression Points. So I come up with:

OS1A"Doing"-"Rationalization", OS1B "Doing"-"Commitment-Responsibility", OS1C "Doing"-"Obligation"

MC1A "The Past"-"Prerequisites", MC1B "The Past"-"Strategy-Analysis", MC1C "The Past"-"Preconditions"

IC1A "Memories"-"Fate", IC1B "Memories"-"Prediction-Interdiction", IC1C "Memories"-"Destiny"

MC/IC1A "Developing a Plan"-"Truth", MC/IC1B "Developing a Plan"-"Evidence-Suspicion", MC/IC1C "Developing a Plan"-"Falsehood »

Now I illustrate each of these Plot Progression Points with the help of the different elements and all the story points into Event Scenes. AND NOW MY QUESTIONS:

1. Is it ok (or even a very good thing) if I create Event Scenes with two or more of these Plot Progression Points? Let's say in OS1A we also get to know the IC by incorporating the IC1A and the MC by incorporating the MC1A and maybe even the MC/IC1A ? All these points would be woven into a great Event Scene and all the story points would be elegantly illustrated. ( I very well understand the theory of "multi appreciation moments", but I don't understand if its better to create an Event Scene for each of these Plot Progression Points.)

2. Can I mix all the points in any order? Lets say: OS1A, then MC1A, then OS1B, then IC1A...(as long as they are in their own order) ???

3. Now lets say I illustrate OS1A "Doing" with an Event Scene that shows that the police starts a war against a criminal organization. In this Event Scene the police chief meets the boss of the organization to tell him that he’s not gonna stop this war until one of them is dead. (Ok, sounds a little cheesy, but it’s just an example ;-) ). No I take my OS1A, OS1B and OS1C. Now where would this Moment of the two guys meeting fit in ? Is ist part of OS1B since it should be the climax of the Sequence and OS1A is „what brought up the incident“ and OS1C is „what will come from it“? Or can it be in any of the 3 Plot Progression Points? Or is each of these Plot Progression Points an Event Scene that hast its own beginning, middle and end and the meeting can be in any of them and for the others I have to find other illustrations ?

Thanks for you help!


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Re: Working with the Plot Sequence Report

Postby Chris Huntley » May 11, 2009 3:08 pm

1. Yes

2. Yes. Also, they need not be presented in order (storyweaving) so long as the audience can figure out the plot order after experiencing the entire story.

3. Anywhere you want. The storyform indicates the abstract areas of exploration and general progressions. How you choose to illustrate them and weave them together is at your discretion -- completely. There may be some logistical differences, and the audience experience may differ from one combination to the next, but STORYFORMING-wise, you are OK.
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Re: Working with the Plot Sequence Report

Postby coolsurf » May 12, 2009 10:28 am

Thank you very much!

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