Question about software to supplement Dramatica/WDK

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Question about software to supplement Dramatica/WDK

Postby joe52 » Feb 19, 2009 12:16 am

I'm new to Dramatica/WDK and to writing. I'm learning WDK to develop a final storyform, and started to look at script software. I'm working on a Windows Vista Home Professional (32-bit version) computer and wanted software that would help take the Storyform reports and work it into a story similar to the way Dramatica/WDK is used to develop a final storyform (it won't write the story but gets it a few steps closer). Has anyone had any experience with the following or other software to do this? From what little I've seen or know, being new to this, scriptwriting software (a specialized wordprocessor to format scripts) is the last set of tools to use.

I was looking at several tools that could help work the Storyform into a script, including: NewNovelist, WriteItNow, QuickStory 5, Mindola's Supernotecard, Liquid Story Binder XE, PowerWriter, and Fiction Master. I didn't find a screen shot or walkthrough of WritePro and the description sounded more like a ebook rather than story development software.

Has anyone used these or other programs to help work the Storyform reports it into a story? Out of the above programs, I'm leaning (from the developers' descriptions) towards WriteItNow followed very closely with NewNovelist, then Mindola's Supernotecard and Liquid Story Binder XE. These four programs are low cost and can reorganize a story database the same as the higher end software. WriteItNow has some nice reference data features that NewNovelist doesn't; but NewNovelist looks stronger with research collection features. Both WriteItNow and NewNovelist use input screens with an explanation like Dramatica/WDK's StoryGuide input screens which Mindola's Supernotecard and Liquid Story Binder XE lack. From what I read on the WritePro's website, both WritePro and and Fiction Master have dialog tools that the other software packages lack.

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