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Storyform for Jaws and E.T.?

Posted: Oct 02, 2008 7:14 am
by Agathe
Hi there

Has anyone tried to analyze Jaws or E.T. with dramatica?
Jaws is covered in the manual, but only in relation to the overall characters.

What I'm curious about is who is the impact character in Jaws: is it the mayor or the shark?

Who is the main Character in E.T? Is it E.T or Elliot?
The quest in E.T. is getting E.T. home. The inciting event in E.T. must be when the spaceship leaves and E.T. is left alone on earth.
Is getting E.T. home the overall story? Or is it E.T.'s story. If I remember correctly, Elliot doesn't help E.T. to go home before the end...

Any thoughts would be great.

Re: Storyform for Jaws and E.T.?

Posted: Nov 19, 2008 4:10 pm
by Chris Huntley

Chief Brody is the Main Character and the Shark is the Impact Character. You'll find that antagonists are often the IC in horror stories. Here are the throughline domains:

Overall Story: Activities (shark killing people)
Main Character: Fixed Attitude (Fear of the Water)
Impact Character: Situation (Creature of the water that makes it worth fearing and is almost super-sized)
Relationship: Manipulation (Game of cat and mouse)


Elliot is the Main Character and E.T. is the Impact Character. E.T. is the protagonist leading the effort to get home. "Keys" is a representative of the antagonist (the government effort to keep the alien on Earth). Elliot is a guardian character. Elliot helps E.T. in many different ways, not only in his effort to get home.