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Can multiple characters fulfill 1 role.

Posted: Oct 31, 2015 3:48 pm
by adambein
Given the purpose of a role, can multiple characters fill that role to meet the essential requirements? Or/also, can there be multiple Protagonists if you have one Main Character? If there can be multiple Sidekicks, I don't see why there can't be multiple Protagonists or Multiple Guardians. Kinda like a team approach to fulfilling the role, or kinda like a multiple-headed creature with each head chiming in in support of the role's traits. I don't see why not. Seeing's how we're looking for essentials to be filled. Hm.

Re: Can multiple characters fulfill 1 role.

Posted: Nov 06, 2015 3:56 pm
by Chris Huntley
Short answer, "Yes." A group can be a character -- the "Empire" in Star Wars has all sorts of players that make up that group and work as one to stop the Rebels.

You can also have a series of character play the role of a single character function. The extreme version of this are the four ghosts in "A Christmas Carol," each one acting as the Influence Character signpost (act) by signpost (act).

Posted: Nov 07, 2015 7:58 pm
by adambein
That'll come in handy. Probably good for audience reception too I bet.