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Question About MC Growth

Posted: Jan 24, 2014 3:41 pm
by Geoff1975
About 52 minutes into the "Harvey" podcast (available on, Chris Huntley mentioned something about MC Growth which surprised me… and perhaps quite a few others. For a Change character, I had thought Stop or Start related directly with the shift from Doer to Beer or Beer to Doer. If I understood him correctly, it seems Growth is only a lead up to the change. He also said a Doer doesn't start becoming a Beer or a Beer doesn't start becoming a Doer.

Could someone please clarify this further. I've had in mind Luke Skywalker as a clear example of a Growth Start/Doer to Beer. The fact he's also the Protagonist and must be a Doer in the OS, I figured, could be ignored. He shifts from someone who constantly tests himself by doing into someone who is one with the Force (a Beer). Maybe I'm off. Does he remain a Doer, but add the perspective of a Beer?

Re: Question About MC Growth

Posted: Jan 27, 2014 8:50 am
by Chris Huntley
Hi Geoff --

The change from Do-er to Be-er and vice versa is incidental (though not irrelevant) to MC Resolve of Change. The main change happens at the element level where the MC changes from trying to resolve his personal "problem" by adopting the MC Solution. The GROWTH happens at that level, where the MC grows over time to realize that the Symptom is NOT his personal issue and the MC Response is not the only way to respond. The growth happens as the blinders are removed from the MC and he is then aware of BOTH the MC Symptom an MC Problem. That is when the MC opts to change tactics by recognizing the problem as the source of his inequity and subsequently adopts the MC Solution to resolve it (which it may or may not do).

As far as Luke goes, he does appear to adopt a more Be-er approach, especially when he comes down to the wire, but it NEED not be exhibited in as simple a fashion as that of a domain level change -- it just often does because it's easier to see and illustrate that way without confusing the audience.

Re: Question About MC Growth

Posted: Jan 27, 2014 10:42 am
by Geoff1975
Thanks, Chris. Glad you mentioned that last part about the change not necessarily being reflected in the domain level. That helped a lot.