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Conceptualization versus Conception

Posted: Dec 07, 2013 8:37 am
by Geoff1975
Hi everyone,

This has come up a few times as I compare movies with the story form on Dramatica. I have some grasp, but am not as sure as I'd like to be. Conceptualization (Developing a Plan) sometimes seems indistinguishable from Conception (Conceiving an Idea). One of the founders of the theory likened Conceptualization to figuring out how a lightbulb would work. Conception would be the thought of having a lightbulb.

So, in the SS, Conceptualization comes up quite often. Examples are "Notting Hill" and "Galaxy Quest". That appreciation seems to be about saying "these people can't relate well together".

Are there good techniques for distinguishing Conception from Conceptualization when you're watching a movie without a story form?

Thanks. I appreciate the help everyone's giving on this forum.

Re: Conceptualization versus Conception

Posted: Dec 11, 2013 8:52 am
by Chris Huntley
Conceiving is about coming up with ideas or "getting it" (think lightbulbs going off).

Conceptualizing (Developing a plan) is figuring out what do with an idea once you have it, of working out a plan for something that you haven't quite figured out (conceived) yet.

For example, Fred knows he's going to come up with an idea to save his company (Conceiving) but in the mean time he's making plans to implement it so that he's ready when he finally figures it out (conceptualizing).