Additional Story Points: Driver and Passenger

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Additional Story Points: Driver and Passenger

Postby Geoff1975 » Nov 25, 2013 7:34 am

Watching "Drive Angry" and the movie adaptation of "21 Jump Street", the sequential form of a movie was well pronounced. I especially noticed the third Act as having elements paid off from the prior two Acts. "21 Jump Street" was surprisingly well written and paid off its humorous setups.

I noticed the Goal as Dramatica has it probably isn't that action against the antagonist, it's probably what they're still trying to achieve. I'm guessing this Requirement is what they're focused on in Act Three, so that in the epilogue they'll have fulfilled the Goal. Now, thanks to these two movies and watching a few others, I noticed the setups and see why Dramatica calls them "Driver" Additional Story Points. In one podcast, Chris answered a question by saying you should remind the viewers of these Story Points at least once each Act. They don't just appear once. That's the idea of having setups, I'm guessing.

Dramatica has two sets of four Story Points: Driver and Passenger. Maybe this is just a convenient way of including all eight, but I don't think so. The Driver Points (Goal, Requirements, Forewarnings, and Consequences) are so intertwined with the course of Act Three, that I wonder if the Passenger Story Points are less tied to this. They'd still be part of the story, but not as much of the story's end result.

It would be interesting to know whether, in "The Dream Team" (1989), the four nut cases having to act sane during the Third Act was a precondition or prerequisite. They have to pretend to be doctors and go in to pull their doctor out of the hospital, but they have an additional concern of acting sane in order to pull it off.

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