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A Separation

Posted: Aug 13, 2013 4:13 pm
by stephenbuck415
First Draft:


Husband - Main Character
Daughter - Impact Character

Each character is a complex character, but I would associate the following characters to these archetypes:

Wife - Reason
Homecare Aid - Contagonist
Homecare Aid's Husband - Antagonist
Grandfather - Emotion


1. Main Character Resolve – Change or Steadfast?
MC Resolve: Changed

2. Main Character Growth – Start or Stop?
MC Growth: Losing a Characteristic (Stop)

3. Main Character Approach – Do-er or Be-er?
MC Approach: Internally as a Be-er

4. Main Character Style – Logical or Intuitive?
MC Mental Sex: Male

5. Story Driver – Action or Decisions?
Decisions. Story begins before a judge. Husband and wife are making the decision to divorce or not. Both agree to divorce. Wife decides to move out.

6. Story Limit – Timelock or Optionlock?

7. Story Outcome – Success or Failure?
Success. Husband does not go to jail.

8. Story Judgment – Good or Bad?
Bad. The MC has made his decisions and must deal with the consequences.

9. Overall Story Throughline?
Psychology. Characters are dealing with rules prescribed by religious law.

10. Overall Story Concern?
Becoming (transforming one's nature). Each principal character changes in some way the more they learn the truth. Example: The Homecare Aid begins to doubt when her baby died. The Homecare Aid's husband does not continue to seek retribution from the Husband once he learns of his wife's doubts.

11. Overall Story Issue?
Rationalization (an alternative explanation used to mask the real reason). Husband, Homecare Aid's Husband, and Homecare Aid create their own version of what happened which is slightly modified from what the audience observed.

12. Overall Story Problem?
Reconsider (thinking through again). Throughout the story, scene conflicts are created by Consider (dynamic pair, weighing pros and cons) but Setup/Revelation/Conflict/Aftermath result in Reconsideration, becaue the characters discuss their actions afterwards with others in one way or another.

Re: A Separation

Posted: Aug 15, 2013 1:33 pm
by stephenbuck415
Shortly after the official storyform becomes available, I will follow-up to the above post with a commentary on the areas that I missed.

Meanwhile, if any of you missed the hangout, the video is available here: