Methodology archetypal characters

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Methodology archetypal characters

Postby ogdencl » Sep 30, 2009 6:07 pm

Melanie put together at least a preliminary list of archetypal characters in the Methodology quad at, and her descriptions of at least the "Action Methodology" characters (Assertive, Responsive, Preservative, and Passive) make complete sense to me.

What I don't understand are the "Decision Methodology" characters (Dogmatic, Pragmatic, Cautious, and Risky). Melanie suggests that Dogmatic=Certainty+Deduction, Pragmatic=Potentiality+Induction, Cautious=Probability+Reduction, and Risky=Possibility+Prediction. To my less-atuned eye, however, the descriptions of the underlying character elements in the present Dramatica Dictionary don't quite seem to line up in the most obvious way. I'm wondering if either I don't understand how Melanie put these archetypes together, or if maybe the Character element definitions have shifted slightly since Melanie wrote this, and maybe the archetypes need to change too (as evidenced, perhaps, by the fact that she uses "Actuality", but in the present dictionary this has been changed to "Certainty"--this seems to indicate a shift from dogmatism to caution).

If I hadn't read Melanie's work here's how I would describe the "Decision Methodology" archetypal characters:

Logical = Probability + Deduction
Intuitive = Possibility + Induction
Cautious = Certainty + Reduction
Risky = Potentiality + Production

Note that the "Dogmatic" and "Pragmatic" characters have been replaced by "Logical" and "Intuitive". (Incidentally, I don't know if this even matters, but this combination of character elements follows the same "checkerboard pattern" in the Activity Throughline as exists for the "Action Methodology" characters.) So basically, the "Logical" character would make choices based on deductive reasoning, and would follow the most Probable course. The "Intuitive" character would be associated with the two most holistic character elements of Possibility and Induction. The "Cautious" character would not act until she is Certain, and seeks to narrow the range of possibilities (Reduction). The "Risky" character plays long odds (Potentiality), and is only so discriminating as to rule out the completely impossible (Production).

Any thoughts? I think having archetypal characters in the Methodology sector is very useful, particularly since the archetypes are easier (at least to me) to understand than the character elements.

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Re: Methodology archetypal characters

Postby Chris Huntley » Oct 06, 2009 1:13 pm

I am going to defer to Melanie on this topic. I know these were thoughts she had jotted down quite a while ago. I am not sure what her thoughts are on these archetypes at this point in time.

Frankly, if you find a way to work with the elements that helps your writing, use it. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to combine them. Putting labels on groups of elements is a shorthand for the complex arrangement of those elements. So go to town.
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