Character Moments

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Character Moments

Postby didomachiatto » Nov 10, 2012 3:25 am

I'm puzzled about something. In "Storyweaving" / "Scene Creation"/ #3, it says "assign one character moment to each of the 28 scenes you created...from the pop up menu for that scene."

However I cannot find anything on the pop up menu that strikes me as a "character moment" between archetypal characters.

Most of my characters are archetypal, though one character is complex.

In the Build Characters window, I see that certain characters are opposed to each other. I am assuming I must have a 'relationship' between these people, and then assign the drop-down list to refer to a conflict between the two.

However, this does not work if characters who play archetypal roles are actually unknown to each other or do not interact with each other (only as the protag is between them). I can see that the TOPIC of a conversation can include what the protagonist had already learned/heard/believed from one character, which they bring to the conversation with the second character. But if this is the case, where is the drop-down list to mention this complication?

Would appreciate any direction in this area.

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Re: Character Moments

Postby phillybudd » Nov 10, 2012 11:27 am

Presumably all of your characters have *some* relationship or other with the main character. They do not need to interact with *each other* to present the opposition. In the story I'm working on for example, there are two characters who are often in opposed squares who both interact regularly with the main characters, but never with each other. Thus they are presenting their opposed characteristics to the MC, not each other.

I hope that makes sense.


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