5 Element pairs in all 4 domains

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5 Element pairs in all 4 domains

Postby LLou » Jan 23, 2012 8:52 pm

In looking at the elements I noticed that there are only a few pair that are in the same location in all 4 domains:

Knowledge x thought
Proven x Unproven
Ending x Unending
Consideration x reconsideration
Certainty x potentiality

Is that a significant correlation and if so how could you use it in story/character development or to understand Dramatica better?

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Re: 5 Element pairs in all 4 domains

Postby Graham » Feb 09, 2012 10:00 pm


Help x Hinder
Evaluation x Re-evaluation
Projection x Speculation

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Re: 5 Element pairs in all 4 domains

Postby Chris Huntley » Feb 10, 2012 9:11 pm

Here is an answer to a different question that explains how the pairs work:

The reason Conscience and Temptation do not pair with Pursue and Avoidance has everything to do with the way in which the Dramatica structural model is constructed. The model is based on the relationships of items in a quad with an emphasis on dynamic pairs. It is also based on the spiral twisting created by the justification process.

Here's how the pairings in the four domains are determined.

Let's use the dynamic pair of Pursue and Avoid, for example. Quads have two dynamic pairs in each quad:

1 2
2 1

With the Activities domain as the reference point, you can see that Pursue and Avoid appear in the dynamic pair "1" position, while their dynamic pair, Control and Uncontrolled, are in the dynamic pair "2" position.

Pursue Control

Uncontrolled Avoid

If you look to the rest of the Motivation elements in the Activities, there are four quads, each with two dynamic pairs. The three other #1 dynamic pairs in the Motivation set in the Activities domain are Consider/Reconsider, Faith/Disbelief, and Support/Oppose. These three dynamic pairs become the co-dynamic pairs of Pursue/Avoid in the other three domains.


You may notice the spiral in the arrangement of the four quads paired with Pursue/Avoid. The quad in the companion pair (horizontal) relationship with the base quad (base: Pursue/Avoid/Control/Uncontrolled; companion quad pair: Consider/Reconsider) are in the dependent pair (vertical) relationship between the domains (Activity and Fixed Attitude). The inverse is true for the positioning of Support/Oppose. They are in the dependent position relative to Pursue/Avoid in Activities, but are paired with Pursue/Avoid in the Situation domain.


The basis of the Dramatica structural model is the quad. Each position in the quad represents a different quality. The domains represent the most 'pure' instance of these qualities. Each level down blends these qualities more and more. By the time you get down to the element level, subtlety requires comparing the most 'like' qualities. Therefore, the '1' dynamics are compared to the other '1' dynamic pairs, etc.


Based on the qualities that identify Conscience and Temptation, they are considered a type "2" dynamic pair, so they would not be paired directly with Pursue/Avoid. However, they still can interact, just as characters representing them can interact.
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Re: 5 Element pairs in all 4 domains

Postby Graham » Mar 23, 2012 10:37 am

Melanie Anne Phillips elaborates on the structure of the Dramatica model and its effects on the quads of character elements:


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