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Postby trevor » Nov 22, 2010 2:32 am

In Rick's throughline the story points report in the response section seems to deviate from his personal issues. It is more akin to the overall throughline.
Is this part of the analysis incorrect?
Sorry if I seem to be nit-picking. I just want to clarify my thoughts.

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Re: casablanca

Postby Chris Huntley » Nov 25, 2010 5:30 pm

I just looked through the story points illustrations for Rick's throughline and they seem to be about Rick's personal issues.

One thing that may be slightly confusing is the appearance of objective characters in the descriptions of the Main Character's story points. There are many ways to illustrate what is going on inside the main character. One of them is to have other characters comment on the MC's condition, or affect the MC's personal issues, even when they are not the Impact Character.

The Main Character does not exist in a vacuum in the story. You may use whatever storytelling pieces (characters, locations, exposition, etc.) to show the audience what is going on with the MC personally.

If you have a specific story point that does not seem to fit for you, please identify it and I'll look at it further.

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