Variations and their nested Elements

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Variations and their nested Elements

Postby tacarr2 » May 01, 2009 8:16 pm

How do the elements under the variations relate to each other in both the "rested" stated as seen in the theme browser or the the structure tables and the variations when they've been "wound up" as in the PSR?

Is there a way for the author/user to come to an better understanding of the variations and what they mean to the story in terms of issue and counterpoint and/or overall theme of the grand argument presented in the PSR?

Any insight from the chef of this soup would be appreciated.


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Re: Variations and their nested Elements

Postby Chris Huntley » May 11, 2009 2:47 pm

The elements are nested within a variation in the "at rest" position as seen in the Dramatica structural model. The same elements may or may not be associated with their parent variation in the "wound up" model that is created after the storyforming choices have been made. The Plot Sequence Report (PSR) does not indicate the elements. I recommend forgetting about the specific elements and use your objective characters (which contain the elements) to explore the element level. In other words, do not over think it.

The best way to learn the variations and their counterpoints is to use them. I recommend a little exercise to practice with them. Think of very short phrases that capture an example of the thematic point and counterpoint. For example, if the thematic conflict is between Truth and Falsehood, then their expressions as short phrases (or "Gists" as we call them) might be: Being True vs. Lying, or Searching for Truth vs. Being Lied To, or Telling the Truth vs. Baring False Witness against a Friend, etc. It makes the conflict less abstract and easier to get your mind around.
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