Impact Character of Manipulation Examples Please

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Impact Character of Manipulation Examples Please

Postby VTFischwire » Oct 05, 2008 11:58 pm

After a long long time of trial and error I think I finally have the story engine set right for my particular story but was wanting a little advice.

I have an impact character throughline of manipulation and was wondering if I understood it right.
According to the examples in the Dramatica Book IMPACT CHARACTER THROUGHLINE TYPE ORDER ENCODING page 221-222, it seems that the impact character is looked at in terms of his impact on the main character and not neccessarily by his impact on himself.
So I think for an IC Throughline of Manipulation the IC will not neccessarily CHANGE HIS NATURE but rather expose the problems with chaging/not changing one's nature to the main character.
In the Dramatica book the sample story has the IC Throughline as one of FIXED ATTITUDE and I think I understand how that type of IC Throughline works now that I have seen the examples, but I would like to see some examples of plot encoding an IC Throughline of MANIPULATION.

by the way my MC is a Change Character who through the act of doing manages to change, while my IC is a steadfast character who continues to try and manipulate always.
The OS Throughline I think is a situation as an outside force threatens the continuation of the lifestyles of everyone in the story, or HOW THINGS ARE CHANGING
and the MC/IC story is fixed attitude but I haven't figured out much of why yet. I think it is that the MC trusts the IC without ever questioning. In the end she switches to test.

An example:
The main character is part of an organization and wants to be respected as a good member. The IC is a higher-up (leader) in the organization and reminds the MC to play her role aтв not question it.

Through constant lies and deceit and finally abondoning her when she needs them the most, the IC forces the MC to rethink her membership in the club and leave.

of course these are not in order and also not too specific to my exact story. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Impact Character of Manipulation Examples Please

Postby VTFischwire » Nov 20, 2008 1:21 pm

I posted this awhile ago and never recieved a response. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if I was in the ballpark in my understanding or could give me some examples.

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Re: Impact Character of Manipulation Examples Please

Postby Chris Huntley » Nov 20, 2008 2:50 pm

Hi Vee --

I must have missed this one. Sorry about the delayed response.

Your examples of the IC throughline sound good. Nice work.

As far as the MC/IC relationship throughline in Fixed Attitudes, conflict in their relationship will grow from a clash of attitudes. This is WHAT they think, not how they think.

For example, the MC might get jittery or nervous when around the IC which irritates the IC. The two clash over conflicting ideologies (e.g. the importance of following orders vs. the importance of individual freedom to react to changing circumstances). They argue over which ideology is more valuable and worthwhile, while evaluating its affect on their confindence in their relationship. And drawing from your notes, both parties may be far too trusting in the relationship which erupts into conflict when the trust is deemed broken.

...or something like that. :D
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One of the best shows

Postby ibtv34 » Jan 23, 2010 4:27 am

Since the revival series started back in 2005 I have been hooked. I think that everything fits in perfectly.

The two actors that have played the Doctor have been brilliant, although I sometimes got the impression that Christopher Eccleston did not want to be there. And before you say anything I know he asked to play the role. I do think he has given a good performance throughout his single season. The thing that I cannot understand about his decision to leave is that if you act in something as iconic as Doctor Who DVDs there will always be those that see you as that character.

David Tennant has shown that is a brilliant actor and also that he is enthusiastic. When I heard he was leaving I felt a bit disappointed but it needed to happen eventually. For me he has been the better of the two and should be praised for the way has taken to the role.

As for the companions I do not feel disappointed. I think that all of them have been great. My favourite companion has to be Martha Jones, played by Freema Agyman, her development was probably the best of them all. I thought that Donna Noble, played by Cathrine Tate, was great but a bit to in your face. Rose Tyle, played by Billie Piper, was good but a seemed to play a little bit of a tart. Captain Jack I think is a good equal to the Doctor and is portrayed brilliantly by John Barrowman.

The writing is for the most part 'fantastic'. There have been a few episodes/stories that have not been quiet so good such as Love and Monsters, Fear Her and The Unicorn and the Wasp. On the other hand there have been episodes that are just hands down brilliant, examples include, Blink, Dalek and The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit.

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