Additional Storyforms?

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Additional Storyforms?

Postby overlordclu » Sep 20, 2008 4:01 pm

Hi All!

I can see that the community has some additional storyforms online. I was wondering if there is any plan on including additional storyforms and the various help/context for the software package itself.

It seems like if there was an easy way to load these as they are developed, it would help when writing in the package. Some of the contextual examples are great for "oooohhh... that's how that works in Star Wars...".

For instance, at the moment I'm interested in movies like Gladiator, Ben Hur, and Sparticus. All fall very much into the same themes and it'd be nice to easily see a storyform for that kind of picture.

It might even be vaulable to have some from some of the major movies each year like close encounters, et, etc etc...



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Re: Additional Storyforms?

Postby Chris Huntley » Sep 25, 2008 11:48 am

Every month the Dramatica Users Group analyzes a movie and we post the storyform on Here's a link to the list of storyforms: We also have podcasts for the last few years' DUG analyses if you wish to hear discussions on the matter.

I agree...more content is better. It's just a lot of work to analyze someone else's work when most Dramatica users are worried about creating/editing their own stories. This is not an excuse, just one perspective.
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