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Posted: Feb 11, 2012 11:41 pm
by UTAtheatreguy
This is a question that encompasses more than just WM but also DMP4 and MMS2000: Why was this company was caught so off-guard by Apple's new OS? It's going to take you almost a year to respond to something you should have had some awareness when Apple was making a new OS and maybe some communication with them to figure out what you'd have to do to ensure compatability?

Or is it simply's position that Mac users are a smaller demographic and slower response time is completely acceptable?

And why what would be the harm in releasing an update that allowed usage of DMP4 on 10.7? I realize that a new version is coming out and that's well and good but what if I simply want the old one to operate on my new computer?

I'm just wondering if what's thought process is for their mac userbase?

Re: Lion

Posted: Feb 12, 2012 10:05 am
by Chris Huntley
We LOVE the Mac and have been Mac developers since 1985. So no, we are not concerned about the Mac's demographics as far as development is concerned.

RE: MMS2000
There is a newer version of Movie Magic Screenwriter, version 6, that IS compatible with Lion. We do not revise older versions of the software for compatibility. The solution is to update to Movie Magic Screenwriter 6.

We have been working on Dramatica Pro for what seems like forever. Dramatica Pro 4 would not be possible to update for Lion. The new Dramatica Pro 5 is Lion-compatible and in beta. We expect it to be available this summer.

There are installer issues with Lion what we haven't worked out yet. Word Menu for Lion will should be available this year.